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Jen Heilman, Interior Designer, Feng Shui Consultant and owner of Clesson Brook Designs, is creating positive change in her clients lives! She provides support and guidance through the process of arranging, organizing, updating and beautifying her clients homes. 

Clesson Brook Designs offers a wide range of services, and Jen is happy to work within your budget. She is as comfortable giving clients the basics they need to proceed with a successful do-it-yourself project as she is doing a complete home design. With a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, an Associates Degree in Architecture and Building, and training in Feng Shui and Organization, Jen has had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects, small and large, budget conscious to high-end. Jen believes that interior design and feng shui should be approachable and accessible to everyone because it is the key to unlocking our happiness.  

“I find that the projects that are the most satisfying are the ones that change people’s lives for the better. Interior design and feng shui have a huge impact on how we function in our lives. Our homes are a direct reflection of our lives (and our inner world) and our inner lives are directly reflected in our homes.  The state of your home is a direct reflection on the state of your happiness. Do you love your home? Does it support you?Do you feel positive in your surroundings?   If not, it's time to take a closer look.  Feng Shui is a deeper, more intentional approach to interior design.  We will work together to, not only, make your home LOOK beautiful, but we'll make it FEEL beautiful."

Jen Heilman - Clesson Brook Designs 
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Come dive in to this fun and dynamic workbook that will literally change your life!
Praise for the workbook...

"I love this workbook! Jen, you've put it together so well!! I knew a little bit about Feng Shui but I really appreciate the way you look at it and present it. It's so practical. I can say that an attitude of Gratitude alone has changed my life in amazing ways in the past few years - now you're giving me even more tools to work with. I love the "simple" ways to begin to change; the "Tidy UP", the "Top 3 Tasks", & the "10 minutes of movement". It's manageable and provides instant rewards! Thank you for including me...this is a gift I really treasure and plan to pass along to others."

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